Does Your Organization Have a Social Media Policy?

Social media has been a hot topic in the internal audit world recently—and for good reason. Research has found 43 percent of organizations have no social media policy, and among companies with a policy in place, many fail to address basic issues. In fact, information security and approved use of social media applications are not covered in nearly one in three organizations, according to global business consulting firm Protiviti.

From a risk management perspective, this poses the potential for significant problems ranging from reputational risk to IT infrastructure risk as a result of unchecked exposures to customer, vendor and company information. Contact a BKD advisor to learn more.

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Philip Baker

Philip has more than nine years of experience analyzing internal control environments and business risk, including several years with a Fortune 500 financial institution. His primary focus is assisting clients with risk identification and control environment design, leading internal audit teams and making cost-effective recommendations to enhance internal controls.

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